Mackenzie Project

altThis video collection will focus on exposing children to various cultures and belief systems throughout the world. It will document the similarities and differences of specific cultures while portraying an underlying message of tolerance, understanding and awareness. The Mackenzie Project is a Psychology based program where the focus is on exposing the differences in cultures; teaching tolerance and acceptance and then showing how that same difference can be embraced.

The program will also highlight similarities that are prevalent throughout the world and teach a basic understanding that is needed in our global society. This program is being developed as a “For Children, By Children” program where the commentator is a 12 year old child and will teach the cultural differences from a child’s point of view. Health and guidance curriculum pieces will be developed for this program and distributed as needed.


Projects Overview

  • Passport to Education
  • Bringing Classrooms to the World
  • Environment
  • Voluntourism