Passport to Education
Bringing the world to classrooms… classrooms to the world


Passport to Education (PTE) is the educational development and production arm of Chardan US Medical Foundation, a 501(c)(3) registered Non-Profit organization. Our mission is to nurture the development of personal responsibility, self-awareness, social awareness and sensitivity through the production and distribution of engaging educational media.


With advances in the internet, travel, immigration, and social media, the world outside our homes is more accessible than ever before.  As world economies become more connected, so too do our lives.  Today, understanding and appreciating differences is one of the most valuable strengths for every individual, organization and nation on earth.   By providing diversity and cultural learning media, it is Passport to Education’s objective to help children all over the world:

• Learn about other cultures

                 • Understand and feel engaged in the world

• Develop interests in how other people live

• Be mindful of different cultural norms and values

• Be familiar with different religions and languages

• Appreciate the differences and similarities in how we and others live, work and play.

We believe that these are crucial traits for students who will soon enter a global society. Research has shown that cultural diversity education positively affects a person’s behavior by:

• Aiding in the Development of the skills needed to understand and respond to the needs of others

• Increasing the ability to empathize, which in turn improves quality of leadership

• Improving the aptitude to understand viewpoints outside of their own, thus avoiding misunderstandings and conflict.

The PTE media library will be designed to open the eyes and hearts of students who would otherwise be isolated from the both the differences and similarities of cultures around the world. By documenting the lives of youth in other countries, children will be able to relate and connect to various traditions and belief systems. This is “Passport to Education”.