austinVoluntourism- Life changing experiences for you and your family

Combine your vacation with an unforgettable volunteer experience. Learn about the tribes and cultures that make up the village of Mwaburubu. Go on a tour of the village, meet the witch doctor and spend time at the school volunteering with the teachers and students. Let your family see the difference that one person can make in the lives of children by simply providing them with an education.

Our summer experiences have included tours of the village, building fences, installing solar power and providing teacher workshops.

We have partnered with ELiTE to add an amazing hands on sustainable science program for local high school students and are hoping to make this a cross cultural classroom by bringing high school students from other countries to Zariki to take part in the ELiTE program.

After the volunteering is complete- go on an amazing Safari in the Serengeti National Park. Known as one of the world’s most amazing vacation destinations. The village of mwaburgu is only a few miles from the western entrance of the Serengeti and a 45 min ride to the Kirawira Luxury Tented Camps or 1 ½ hour drive to the Four Seasons Serengeti. So no additional flying is necessary. There are also many other lodging options within the Serengeti gates that can accommodate even the tightest budget.




See the acacia trees, the legendary kopi’s, the musical rock and of course lions, leopards, cheetah, zebra, giraffes and hippos to name a few, all in their natural habitats. Bring you family friends and of course your camera and you will be driven through the park by experienced safari guides who will tell you tales of the land and each animal that inhabits it.

If your time schedule permits you can pass through the Massai plains where we can stop and see a massai village and learn about the people who live there. Then continue on to the Ngoro Ngoro national park where you can continue on you safari seeing lions, giraffes, and rhino and so much more right in front of your eyes.

Voluntourism is a great way to see the world and really learn about the people and cultures you are visiting.

Join us on one of our upcoming trips and the funds will help support the education of the children at Zariki.

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