Board of Dicrectors
Dr. Richard Propper            dl boy
Chris Sanborn
Jennifer Paige Propper Sanborn
Dr. Nancy Israeli

Board of International Advisors
Jonathan Cheres        In Country Manager Kirawira Camp
Waziri Mnyangala        In Country Logistics Advisor
Pilly Yao                         In Country Financial Advisor
Justin Mtazingi             Co-Director The Zariki School
Susan Nicholaus        Co-Director The Zariki School
Officers of the Corporation
PRESIDENT & FOUNDER:    Dr. Richard Propper
CEO:    Chris Sanborn
TREASURER:    Jennifer Paige Propper Sanborn
SECRETARY:    Dr. Nancy Israeli

 J. Paige Propper


Paige Propper is a Certified Child Life specialist with a Master’s degree in Child Development and Family Studies. She has worked in such prestigious hospitals as Harvard’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Stanford University’s Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital. At both of these institutions Paige acquired grant money to start programs in Pediatric Radiation Oncology where she did research on the effects of preparation on a pediatric patient’s need for anesthesia in order to undergo therapy. Paige also had a private practice in Massachusetts where she worked with children and families dealing with Autism and other special needs. In the past, she has been employed as a student advocate to local school districts, helping parents and schools navigate the confusing world of special needs. More recently Paige has volunteered as a part of the fundraising efforts for The Hole In the Wall Gang Camps and the Ronald McDonald House of Albany.

Amanda Verhaaren

Education Specialist

Amanda Verhaaren graduated with honors from the University of Long Island: C. W. Post with her Bachelors in Elementary Education and a Masters in Literacy. She holds a New York State Teaching Certification in Elementary Education (1-6) and Literacy (B-6). Amanda has worked as a tutor at the university’s reading centers as well as outside of the formalized classroom setting. In addition, Amanda has been an integral part of creating several educational videos distributed by Sunburst Media and Learn360. She has authored scripts, produced classroom curriculum and professional development documents on topics such as Internet safety, autism social skills, and nutrition. Amanda has also traveled to the Zariki School in Tanzania where she taught the teachers computer skills and provided academic support. She will be returning to the school this summer to provide additional assistance.